The jigsaw of governance

Pakistan needs money, a lot of money, and it has few internal resources to draw on. China and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have both been tapped in the early days and the response in both cases has been to a degree equivocal.

Homes for the homeless

While on one hand, anti-encroachment drives are under way across provinces, the government is working to establish alternative housing for the homeless.

A dangerous precedent

He was referring to the debate around the murder of a journalist by agents of the Saudi state in its Turkish embassy and subsequent allegations that the act must have been committed at the behest of the Crown Prince, a conclusion that the…

Enter the Malaysian model

Let it be clear – Pakistan is not so broken that it cannot be fixed. It is not a failed state and is displaying none of the symptoms that would indicate that state failure is likely or even a possibility.

Juggling hand-grenades

The latest exchange of unpleasantries by President Trump of the USA and Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan on Twitter would be vaguely amusing were it not got the fact that it is dangerous for all concerned.

The Master of the U-turn

Prime Minister Imran Khan has done little to enhance his status nationally or internationally with his statement t hat ‘the real leader of a nation always makes U-turns and changes his or her strategy according to the situation and the need…