Uzbekistan-Pakistan momentous bilateral relations

Uzbekistan-Pakistan bilateral relations has been further strengthened during recent times because of the better political understanding, improvement in bilateral trade, phenomenal rise to tourism and the last but not the least joint efforts…

Threat of another kind!

In the wake of threat of cyber-attacks, six Pakistani banks have suspended international transactions through debit cards. Yes, as a security precaution debit cards have been temporarily disabled only for international ATM cash withdrawal.

Challenging writ of the state

It is very unfortunate that despite Govt warnings, protest against Aasia's acquittal continues. Many roads still empty and certain routes are blocked in major cities across the country as religious parties continued to protest following a…

Desi Girl Problemz

There is something about the SAARC cultures that have led to the evolution of specific desi girl problems, our curry and coconut oil fumes creating inside jokes only us melanin sisters can appreciate.

Cannabis relieves symptoms in Crohn’s disease

Treatment with cannabis can relieve symptoms and improve quality of life in individuals with Crohn's disease even though it has no impact on gut inflammation, according to new research presented at a conference recently. The study is the…