A Day in the Life of a Common Pakistani

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I woke up late for work today, chiefly due to the ‘Monday syndrome’. I dressed hurriedly and made my way to the car. The route from Shahrah e Faisal to Clifton is always a pain in the neck and so was the case today. Stuck in the traffic, I took out my cellphone and started scrolling through my newsfeed. Suddenly I came across a video, which I at first presumed was a meme. But I quickly realized that the atrocity before me was true and had taken place a day earlier. I went into a fugue like state for a few seconds before the honking horns behind me brought me back to my senses. The link to the horrifying video is below:

Eroding the Moral Fiber of Our Nation

The video above depicts the scene in which 3 boys, between the ages of 10-12 are enthusiastically carrying a doll. Around them, we can see paraphernalia of a religious party. The boys  eventually hang the doll, all the while chanting for the execution of Aasia Bibi. Videos like these send shivers down spines the of a sane person like me. These kids are following the example of fanatics in the country when they should be emulating the likes of Einstein, Newton and Tesla.

The kids do not even understand the gravity of the situation, they can easily be persuaded to do anything at this age by the ones in power and authority. This is the age when they start developing thoughts of their own, and begin to foster a vision of where they want to be.  If we expose our children to such malice, then we do not stand a chance to progress. However, the problem is more severe than it seems on the surface.

Anyways, I crossed Shahrah -e-Faisal and made my journey towards Do Talwar, only to be greeted by hordes of protesters, who were calling for the execution of that poor soul, who already had spent a good part of 9 years in the prisons, in anticipation of her verdict.

As frustrating as it was, It beckoned to me that I did not have a voice, I could be silenced in seconds by the force of 100 raging protesters. These thugs have paralyzed our country, we are at their mercy. Even the government has thrown in the towel.

Mob Justice Everywhere

After a tumultuous two hours, I finally managed to reach my office. But before I could park my car, I saw a man resting his back against his Mira, the front and side mirrors of which were completely shattered. I mustered the courage to go to that gentleman, I offered him water and asked him what happened. He used every expletive he could think of and told me how the protesters randomly picked on him and started smashing his car with canes and stones.

By now, I was extremely indignant. I cannot imagine any civilized country letting such madness to take place. The government has completely failed to keep order in the state. Businesses are being halted, schools called off – it is certainly not the Pakistan our forefathers had envisioned. We saw such helplessness on part of the previous governments as well and if this government is doing no different than the previous incumbents, then what’s the point of voting for them?

The Logical Conclusion

Even if we presume for a minute that the verdict against Aasia is wrong but who on earth gave them the right to immobilize the nation and cause damage to public property? Didn’t the Holy Prophet (PBUH) preach love and tolerance towards all living beings?

A few days ago, we were all witness to the looting of a banana seller by people. Was that too done in the love of God? Did the bananas commit a crime? The real tragedy is disrupting public life, preventing women from giving birth by blocking roads, flaying motorcycles of poor people, halting the business of roadside sellers. I don’t think that these criminals are following the message of Islam. If your judgement is still clouded as to who these anti-social elements are then you need to open your eyes.