Silkbank not victim of cyber attack incident

Committed to ensure all transactions are safe

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KARACHI: In the fresh wave of cyber attack incident that badly hit many of the prominent banks in Pakistan, out of those banks, Silkbank would like to clarify the recent posts in media and confirm that neither any cyber-attack has occurred on Silkbank databases nor any of its customers is affected by the reported cyber-attack on another bank.

Talking to National Courier, official of the bank said that Silkbank Security Protocols are backed by state-of-the-art systems that conform to the highest international standards so there is no security breach or any cyber attack.

It is important to mention that Silkbank credit cards are secured by Chip based technology, Verified by Visa online transactions and ‘Guard your Card’ features. On the other hand, Silkbank Debit Cards rely on  world class Temenos core banking system and ‘Guard your Card’ feature.

Silkbank customers needs not to get worried at all and they can continue to enjoy safe and secure card transactions along with mental peace, Silkbank official said.