Deliver or go home, Zardari tells Imran Khan

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SADIQABAD: Former president of Pakistan and co-chairman of Pakistan People’s Party, Asif Ali Zardari  yesterday predicted that Imran Khan’s government won’t last long.

Speaking at  Pakistan People’s Party rally in Nawazabad area of Sadiqabad district, he said  they (PTI) can neither run the government nor the economy.

He said  since the world has developed  and the truth no longer can be hidden, the government will have to go home if it fails to deliver. Either deliver on your promises or back your baggage, said Zardari

The PPP co-chairman said it was only the PPP government which had no political prisoner behind  the bars.

“Dentist would not have become president, If I had not  transferred  powers to parliament,” he said, expressing the hope that Allah would once provide the PPP opportunity to rule the country.

He also dispelled the notion that the PPP had passed the 18th amendment to serve its interests.

“We are the true  representative of people. We are not puppets ,” he said.

He also  criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan for citing examples from history  to justify the U-turns he has taken.

Last month, the prime minister had said that Adolf Hitler and Napolean Bonaparte failed because they “they did not change their strategies according to the situation”. “Why doesn’t history remember Hitler and Napolean as heroes?” asked the PPP co-chairperson. “Because it was not just a matter of one war. Hitler led to the murder of 55 million people […] the blood of so many humans was shed. [Imran Khan] should think about this, value human beings.”

Zardari said that the prime minister had read “a couple of books but could not understand a thing”.

He demanded the government fulfil its promise of creation of a South Punjab province.

“You [PTI] stole our slogan [of creation of South Punjab province],” Zardari claimed. “We said great, you take this step, someone should. Now they don’t have the courage.

“Why don’t they announce [a separate province]? Why don’t they divide Punjab’s budget? But they never intended to [act on their promise]. They don’t have any understanding of politics.”