KP govt replies to German envoy road tweet over ‘expensive, poor quality’

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The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa yesterday responded to the tweet of German envoy Martin Kobler related to a road in KP that costed huge amount but with lower quality in comparison to the one built by the villagers with the aid of German bank.

KP’s Directorate of Information and Public Relations on official twitter handle responded that the drainage structures built alongside the road failed to spot the reservation as depicted by the envoy.

“Excellency, the answer to your question is very simple. The road, you are pointing out to, does not show specifications and does not describe the kind of drainage system built along the road or the cross drainage structures.


The German diplomat shared a picture of a road at KP’s Azakhel Bala on his twitter handle which had previously been built by the villagers at the cost of Rs.4 million with the assistance of German bank.

Following to this, envoy highlighted that the same road was rebuilt by the KP government with ‘lower quality’ but with an exorbitant cost of Rs10 million.

“Look at this road at azakheel bala build by the villagers, financed by #Germany s @KfWpress. 1 km build by villagers cost 4 mio with a 12 inch layer. same road build by @KPGovernment costs 10 mio pkr with lower quality (6 inches). CAN YOU TELL ME WHY??” read the tweet.