I hear things are changing with Bollywood: Mahira Khan

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While Bollywood’s ban on Pakistani artists is near to completing a year span, Mahira Khan feels that the ban may wear off as she hears things are changing with the neighboring entertainment industry.

“It’s something that I have answered many times but I hear things are changing now with Bollywood,” she told National Courier.

Responding to whether Pakistan should also respond in kind and slap a ban on Indian actors from its films, the Raees starlet iterated that she doesn’t believe in putting up a tit-for-tat expression.

“I don’t think that we will solve anything by retaliating, and I think things won’t work by doing tit-for-tat, “she said.

She reiterated that she doesn’t hold any grudges against the Bollywood entertainment industry and it’s all good in the hood when it comes to compatibility.

They’re an amazing industry and there still are very close friends. And I think we are an amazing industry”.