Can the Dam Fund Challenge work out?

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Pakistani musician Bilal Khan just rocked a platinum blonde look over a bet which puts $2000 straight to the dam fund and his fans unanimously loved it.

On teasing talks over his new looks, here’s what some of the Pakistani artists responded.

The hair dye stunt comes after he spoke with one of his Canadian friends about the water shortage in Pakistan and an entire system of donations underway to address the issue.

Taking from there, Bilal made an offer that he’d do anything if his friend donated money for the dam fund. After a few negotiations, the Khamoshi star surprised everyone with a very crisp look.


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I never like writing preachy instagram posts but I have to write this one because I feel it might help someone. I was replying to comments on my last insta post and some people said, ‘you are so brave’ or ‘I could never do that even though I always wanted to’ and it made me think why? I think it’s the “log kia kahein ge?” fear and it is a genuine one especially in a culture where we are so dependent on each other for support & feedback. How do you overcome it though? By accepting that not everyone is going to like what you do, no matter what. This isn’t just about hair dyes or color changes: I feel you shouldn’t make career/university/diet/clothing or any other personal choices out of fear. I know if I did I wouldn’t be a musician today. I propose that for 2019, you shatter “log kia kahein ge” fear and make the new year more about “log kehtay rahein gey”. Maybe that’ll do it. Maybe. #bilalkhan

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In his post, he said that most of the comments he’s had to hear are that he’s taken a brave step to alter his look like this which wasn’t a shock for him because coming from a society where ‘log kya kahenge’ is what our lives depend on, people are bound to think a million times before changing their look.