Most artists spend too much time undermining each other: Salman Ahmad

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Pakistani musician and Junoon member Salman Ahmad said that most Pakistanis spend too much time in undermining each other rather than supporting themselves.

“There is a lack of organisational strength in the Pakistani music industry. Most artists spend too much time undermining each other & pulling each other ‘s legs,” he said.

Salman Ahmad went on to say that if there was unity among the ranks of the music industry in Pakistan, it would be the best in South Asia.

“From my own experiences, there needs to be the equivalent of the Grammy’s in Pakistan,” he said. “It should not be run by sponsors or corporations but by the artists themselves to protect their own community. It takes time , money , blood , sweat & tears to build a music brand. It’s a lifetime’s work,” he added.

Salman Ahmad and Ali Azmat made headlines when they reunited as Junoon for a concert in Karachi that was appreciated across the country.