Kaka, Figo accorded warm welcome in Lahore

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LAHORE: The legendary football icons Luis Figo and Ricardo Kaka have launched World Soccer Stars initiative from Pakistan, welcoming ahead many other legends of the game in April with an intent to play a couple of matches in Pakistan.

Both stars reached Lahore yesterday that will reveal to the world at large that this country is peace loving and sportmaniac which in turn will portray the positive and actual image of Pakistan everywhere.

Surrounded by the large number of followers, under stringent security measures, the legends were taken to the Packages Mall from the Lahore airport.

Figo and Kaka warmly welcomed by the huge crowd, the moment they stepped in the shopping mall, the fans cheered and loudly called their names after which with a continuous smile and expressions of great excitement and happiness, Figo kicked a football thrown at him to show his presence.

Kaka also posted a video on his official Twitter handle:

Figo said Pakistan is a great host. “Had we have more time we would have stayed here for a long duration,” and added that their visit is memorable.

“Pakistan will soon see us in action,” he said.

Kaka said that it was a great pleasure for him to be in Pakistan and added that “I am delighted to visit Pakistan and playing a vital role for promoting and helping football in the country. This is my very first visit to this country, so I am really excited to come and play football whilst helping unearth hidden talent.”

Kaka, who was part of Brazil’s 2002 World Cup winning team, said he hoped to see Pakistan playing in the FIFA World Cup one day.

Kaka further said football may not be the most popular sport in the country that is ruled by cricket. “But we think the door is opening. I would say, keep dreaming and run after your dream. A lot of people don’t do that,” he added.

Later, they also announced that a concert will be held in Pakistan soon featuring R&B and hip-hop artiste Akon.