‘Cabinet not on the same page’: Bilawal Bhutto

One minister agrees with my speech while the other criticizes, says PPP chairman

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Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said today that it seems federal cabinet is not on the same page as one minister lashed out at his speech while the other one backed him on what he said.

Bilawal on his official Twitter handle said that “Finance minister called my speech as ‘mulk dushman’ even though foreign minister agreed with everything I said.”

PPP chairman added in his tweet “So the cabinet is clearly not on the same page. He took issue with my English, even though FM spoke in English.”

“General Umar’s offspring are in no position to lecture ghairat (integrity),” Bilawal further added.

While referring to the recent violation from Indian side into Pakistan that caused massive amount of escalation, Bilawal said yesterday during National Assembly session that India committed “naked aggression” since 1971.