Stop stereotyping Pakistanis: John Abraham talks sense

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Bollywood actor John Abraham has spoken out in favour of Pakistan and called on Indians to stop stereotyping Pakistanis.

Ever since the Pulwama attack took place and tensions soared between India and Pakistan, various Bollywood superstars have cheered war.

However, John Abraham made it clear in a recent interview that he was not sitting on the fence and advocated peace with Pakistan, urging Indians not to stereotype their neighbours.

“Indians are stereotyping the people of Pakistan and that’s probably the most dangerous sign. It shouldn’t happen. There has to be a war against terror, not against a country, a particular religion or between multiple religions,” he said.

John Abraham made it clear that he knew people would not like his stance but he didn’t care.

“I am very clear in my outlook. I will probably get picked on, but I am not going to sit on the fence and say nahi yaar, yeh audience ko acha lagega, yeh bura lagega [The audience will like this and they will not like this,” he said.

John’s upcoming movie Romeo Akbar Walter (RAW) is a patriotic film but Abraham said that the fact that the movie was releasing in this political climate is just a coincidence.

“We don’t want to sound like opportunists in the current situation. The producers had planned almost a year ago that they will be releasing the film around this time,” he added.