Modi creating war hysteria for winning elections: Imran Khan

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CHACHRO: Prime Minister Imran Khan made it explicit yesterday that Pakistan would fight till the end for protecting its independence and sovereignty.

Addressing a large public gathering at Tharparkar yesterday, PM reprimanded that “Whether it is India or any superpower, if anyone wants us to be subdued, we and our armed forces would fight to the end. Our people as well as the armed forces are fully prepared.”

PM said that “We handed over to India their (captured) pilot on a peace gesture as because we refrain to have war and also offered Pakistan’s cooperation to India after the Pulwama incident.’

Khan also said that this decision of Pakistan to repatriate pilot Abhinandan should not be misunderstood in any case as this was done without any pressure or fear.

“If Modi engrossed in any bloodshed of Pakistanis for the sake of winning upcoming elections in India then Pakistan will surely retaliate,” he warned.

Citing the example of Mahatma Gandhi, PM said that many times Gandhi went on hunger strike for the sake of Muslims that they must not be killed and on the other side today’s “Narendra Modi is inciting hatred against Muslims and Pakistan and added that Indian PM is creating an environment of war hysteria just for elections gain.”

Distributing health cards to the underprivileged persons in Tharparkar, premier said that “This is a new Pakistan and we want poverty alleviation.”

“When I describe Tipu Sultan as our hero, it is because of the fact that Tipu Sultan opted to fight for independence till his last moment of life, whereas Bahadur Shah Zafar surrendered and accepted slavery,” Imran Khan said.

Talking about the National Action Plan (NAP), Imran said that “We have decided to fully implement the NAP and will not let any armed or militant group use Pakistani soil for terrorism.”

Imran added that since half of the population in Tharparkar belonged to Hindu religion, his government is inclined to protect them by all means as it considered all the minorities, as equal citizens.

The prime minister regretted the treatment of minorities including Muslims and Kashmiris in India under the Modi government and said that today minorities in India are endorsing the views and of the Quaid-i-Azam.

Moreover, he announced that 112,000 families of Chachro will get benefit from Sehat Insaf Cards, which would provide them Rs720,000 per annum facility for free of charge treatment of various diseases at public and private hospitals.

Furthermore, two mobile hospitals equipped with medical and surgical facilities, four ambulances and 100 reverse osmosis (RO) plants, to be installed in the area to cater to the basic amenities of people in Tharparkar.