Veena Malik opines ‘Aurat March’ brought humiliation to women

Netizens lashed out at her views on Aurat March event

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The very known Pakistani celebrity Veena Malik who usually remains the focus of public attention on account of controversies is now of the view that the event of Aurat March has brought about a massive disrespect to the women in Pakistan.

Veena Malik on her official Twitter handle explicated her views on Aurat March event asking “Who planned and funded this controversial Aurat March 2019? ”

“Because this brought humiliation to women in Pakistan instead of anything positive like empowering them etc”, she added in her tweet post.

Well, in response to Veena’s post, Twitterati slammed her for such views as already in past the actor itself has remained in limelight on various controversies to a higher extent mostly in India.

It must be mentioned here that the Aurat March 2019 took place in all major cities of Pakistan on Friday 8 March 2019 during which different activities, performances and speeches were held for women’s rights.The day also coincided with International Women’s Day too.