Shafqat Mahmood clarifies plan to finish O, A level education

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ISLAMABAD: Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood dismissed a media report which claimed that his government was planning to remove O and A-level education in order to introduce a uniform education system.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday night, Mahmood said that his government had no immediate plan to finish O level or A level education from schools.

He said that switching the system to a single national certification might take a decade.

“This is complete misreporting. No plan to finish O level or A level. What I said that once we have been able to create a consensus on a single national curriculum, we would be in a position to consider a single national certification. May take a decade,” Mahmood said.

“We will inshallah have a consensus much sooner but I was referring to switching the system to a single national certification. For this to completely take place will take time.”

Responding to a Twitter user, the minister said: “We have created s National Curriculum Council and to support it a specialists panel.”