Govt to project Pakistan’s brand in international travel trade shows

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister’s Special Assistant Zulfikar Bukhari on Monday emphasized on the role of private investors and filmmakers to attract local and international tourists.

“Private sector is ready to invest in hotel industry. The next phase is to channel that investment in the development of resorts at tourism attractions,” Bukhari said while holding the second meeting of the National Tourism Coordination Board (NTCB).

The tourism ministers and officials of the respective Provincial Ministries gave briefing to the Board about policies, functions of the respective provincial tourism authorities and the identification of new tourism sites.

The chairman took notice of the problems that the provinces have been facing in developing and promoting tourist attractions due to lack of resources.

The annual events organized in different provinces were also among the agenda of the meeting.

The members talked about the importance of highlighting sports and cultural events held in provinces.

The chairman assured the respective provincial members of the support that Federal government is going to extend in case help is needed to develop infrastructure.

Board members from Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, and Gilgit-Baltistan agreed to develop an inter-provincial team to uplift Pakistan’s brand in different international travel trade shows like WTM London.

Additionally, filmmaking and allocation of locations to film directors were part of the meeting. The members agreed that filmmaking will indirectly glorify the tourist destinations in Pakistan which is why respective provincial governments can establish funds for filmmakers.

Chairman Zulfikar Bukhari said that it is good to see that provinces are clear on the roadmap that is to be adopted for tourism uplift.

“We have tourism policies and authorities made in respective provinces, all we need is a vision, teamwork and direction to make Pakistan a “Brand” in International tourism.

“Pleased to see provinces working together on this cause”, Zulfikar Bukhari said.

He said the federal government will work as a facilitator and things need to have a good pace now.

“Provinces will have to work together to promote tourism. We can focus more on adventure, cultural and religious tourism,” Zulfikar Bukhari added.