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The Master of the U-turn

Prime Minister Imran Khan has done little to enhance his status nationally or internationally with his statement t hat ‘the real leader of a nation always makes U-turns and changes his or her strategy according to the situation and the need…

Indecent remarks about political rivals

One wonders what the PM Imran Khan and his team of Ministers are up to. They speak without knowing the impact of their derogatory language on the democratic set up and the state’s institutions.

A shameful mystery

Somebody somewhere knows who abducted and killed SP Tahir Khan Dawar. It may even be that somebody in the government or one of its many arms knows but if they do they are not saying.

Distressing statistics continue

It has been years since an ‘education emergency’ sounded alarm bells, but the state has failed to address it. And distressing statistics continue to surface with regard to out-of-school children, mostly girls.

The food poisoning crisis

The deaths of two children, allegedly from food poisoning and the severe illness of their mother for a similar reason, has highlighted what is in reality not an isolated incident but part of a national rolling crisis.

Losing credibility

It is very lamentable that billions of rupees are being spent on NAB but the way it acts is becoming questionable with each passing day. In fact NAB is creating anguish for everyone.

Catching the power thieves

There is no denying that massive circular debt is one of the reasons why our power sector woes are multiplying with the passage of time. The estimated cost of power theft during 2017-18 is over Rs53 billion

Chasing peace in Afghanistan

The search for peace in Afghanistan is decades old and hitherto has been largely fruitless. The country is riven along sectarian, political and ethnic faultlines, has an aid-dependent economy, a ramshackle infrastructure and remains the…

Anti-encroachment drive or war zone?

A massive anti-encroachment drive is currently underway in Karachi thanks orders from the Supreme Court which wants the city restored to its former glory. One of these is the Empress Market and as the accompanying video shows you the action…