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Fancy a trip to the Mall? No thanks

No apologies for a follow-on from last week’s column about the changing ways of life in my home village. Apart from clean water and a plummeting infant mortality rate I saw something first hand that I had hitherto only heard of second or…

The curious case of insecure players

The fourth season of Pakistan Super League has kicked off with a thrilling encounter between defending champions Islamabad United and never-champions Lahore Qalandars. The match was an equally poised affair until two international players –…

Review: Amavas

The spirit in Amavas if anything is dedicated to its craft, and like most undead, it does seem to have a thing for women.

Why I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine's day is usually something people look forward to, for whatever reasons-- be it making the most out of it for obvious reasons or merely to poke fun at those who take the festival to heart.

At the Edge of the Sunshine

I have been rebellious for as long as memory serves me well. When kids my age were watching Barney the Dinosaur, I was flexing my muscles in contact sports. When kids were indoors, playing with their LEGO toys, I was out running vigorously.

Bhai Bhai is exactly what the doctor ordered!

Wondering how to spend your weekday in the absence of Eat Festivals and Literature gatherings? Look no further as Karachi’s Arts Council has the answer for you. Tahir Entertainments’ Bhai Bhai provides you a chance to laugh in the presence…

The changing shape of poverty

It was 1993 when I had my first acquaintance with what I now regard as my home village. I wondered about putting “” around the word home and then decided no – because it is my home village just as much as Pakistan is now home. It is the…

The unanswered tears of Kashmiris

That particular moment is extremely difficult to bear when your loved ones are brutally tortured, killed, harassed and ostensibly humiliated in front of your eyes and you are left with nothing to do except facing that massive level of…

Remember the Holocaust?

If you are in Pakistan then probably not. The Holocaust? Yes, it was a genocide (there have been others before and since) that happened during World War 2 during which Nazi Germany murdered around six million European Jews in an effort to…