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The Brexit bomb

Even in deepest Pakistan one would have had to have been living under a large rock for a long time to have missed the fact that the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union. Viewed from a safe…

Review: Instant Family

Instant Family is a surprising revelation; really, I mean it in the best way possible – despitebeing a movie directed and co-written by Sean Anders of Daddy’s Homefame (which I did not hate), and…

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Video: Ali Raza Abidi’s last New Year’s resolution was against extremism

KARACHI: This was former MQM MNA Ali Raza Abidi's New Year's resolution video message for the year 2018.

Video: Horrific accident at Karachi’s Khayaban-e-Ittehad kills one man

KARACHI: One man died after a Suzuki Mehran was hit from behind by a jeep during the early hours of Sunday morning.…

Women shouldn’t be bashed on calling out harassers: Zara Noor Abbas

Speaking to National Courier, the Parey Hut Love actress has stated that if a woman calls out a perpetrator over…

Can the Dam Fund Challenge work out?

Pakistani musician Bilal Khan just rocked a platinum blonde look over a bet which puts $2000 straight to the dam…

Video: American Muslim student wearing hijab beaten viciously

A video went viral on social media in which a Muslim female student sporting a hijab is severely beaten up by her…

I hear things are changing with Bollywood: Mahira Khan

While Bollywood’s ban on Pakistani artists is near to completing a year, Mahira Khan has indicated that the ban may…



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