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The Great Elephant Hunt

Sources differ as to the origin of the phrase with one having it as 1935 and another 1959 but ‘the elephant in the room’ has been around for a long while. Pakistan has so many elephants in the room it…

Fancy a trip to the Mall? No thanks

No apologies for a follow-on from last week’s column about the changing ways of life in my home village. Apart from clean water and a plummeting infant mortality rate I saw something first hand that I…

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In Pakistan, domestic flights are sometimes more expensive than international ones

The phrase ‘Beggars can’t be choosers’ describes best the plight of the common Pakistani, who has only a handful of airlines at his disposal that offer domestic air travel. The airlines know this well and they operate from a position of strength—since they are few in number, they fleece customers by charging exorbitant rates for air travel.

Norwegian ship Viking Sky sends mayday: Ex-SA captain Graeme Smith parents on board

KARACHI: Former South African cricket captain Graeme Simth said that his parents were on board a Norwegian ship that had sent MAYDAY in stormy conditions of notorious Hustadvika, Western Norway.Taking to Twitter on Saturday, Smith wrote: "My parents in board if anyone knows anything please message!"The former Proteas cricketer was responding to a tweet by Twitter handle Øyvind Ekelund which reported that the Norwegian ship Viking Sky with 1300 persons on board had sent distress signal.The distress call resulted…

Darren Sammy greets Pakistanis on National Day

KARACHI: Peshawar Zalmi's West Indian captain Darren Sammy extended to his Pakistani fans as they mark the country's National Day with traditional zeal and passion.Sammy, who is very popular in Pakistan for his support to revive the international cricket in the country, took to Twitter to extend his greetings."Happy Pakistan to all," Sammy tweeted, tagging all trends relating to the Pakistan Day celebrations.The two-time World Cup winning West Indian player was recently in Pakistan, where he led Peshawar Zalmi to…

UAE celebrates Pakistan Day

The 79th National Day of Pakistan was celebrated with traditional zeal and patriotic spirit by Pakistanis living in the UAE at the premises of the Embassy of Pakistan in Abu Dhabi and Consulate General of Pakistan in Dubai, says a press release received here today from Abu Dhabi. The ceremony, in Pakistan Embassy Abu Dhabi, was inaugurated with flag hoisting by Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to the UAE, Mr. Moazzam Ahmad Khan and playing of national anthem. National Day messages of the President and the…

Islamic State defeated, US-backed SDF says

BEIRUT: Islamic State has been defeated at its final shred of territory of Baghouz in Syria, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said on Saturday, declaring the end of its self-declared ‘caliphate’ that once spanned a third of Iraq and Syria.


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Hindutva extremists beat up Muslim, force him to say ‘Pakistan Murdabad’

Hindu extremists beat up a Muslim person in India and then forced him to chant anti-Pakistan slogans, on Thursday.

Video: Saeed Ghani’s son cried as Quetta inched closer to PSL glory

KARACHI: As Quetta Gladiators inched closer to PSL glory for the first time on Sunday, Senator Saeed Ghani's son…

Video: This North Karachi rapper can best Ranveer Singh any day

Move over, Ranveer Singh. Karachi has its own Gully Boy and we're not taking no for an answer!

Video: This lookalike of Abhinandan will shock you…

Pakistani actor Bilal Ashraf recently uploaded a video on Twitter in which he showed us all IAF pilot Abhinandan…

Indian anchor tries to embarrass Pakistan, gets humiliated by his own analyst

Indian anchor Rahul Kanwal tried to embarrass and 'expose' lies by Pakistan but ended up getting owned on national…

India asks YouTube to remove videos of pilot captured by Pakistan army

India has asked YouTube to take down 11 video links pertaining to Wing Commander Abhinandan, who was captured by…




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